Dentures  in Hoover, AL

What are dentures and how do they work?

Dentures are partial or full sets of artificial teeth that are custom-made for your mouth and gums. They replace lost or removed teeth so that you can regain functionality and confidence. Once teeth are replaced, patients can eat, chew, speak and smile with ease. Depending on your needs, dentures may be the best option from our Hoover office to regain your smile and get your oral health back on track.

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41 million Americans wear dentures to help them eat, speak and smile with confidence every day.

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How do you get fitted for dentures?


At your consultation, Dr. Hebert will determine if dentures are right for you. Your doctor will examine your mouth, take x-rays, and decide if your gums are healthy enough to support dentures.

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Treatment Planning

 After you’ve been approved for treatment, your Hoover dentist will create a plan for your dentures and go over it with you so you know exactly what to expect. From there, our team will schedule your impressions and tooth extraction appointments.

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Tooth Extraction

 During the extraction process, your dentist will numb your mouth with anesthetic and/or use sedation to ensure a comfortable, painless procedure. Temporary dentures may also be provided after the extraction to protect your gums during the healing process.

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Next, your dentist will take impressions to ensure that your dentures will sit completely to your gum line and fit comfortably in your mouth once they are ready to be worn.

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Healing & After Care

After the extraction procedure, make sure to get plenty of rest for at least 24 hours. Your Hoover dentist will provide detailed instructions so that you can remain comfortable and pain free while you heal. While your prosthetic is being made, you will discuss with your dentist the shade, size, and shape of teeth that you want for your new set of dentures.

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 Fitting and Adjustments

When your dentures are complete, you will return to the office to begin the fitting process. Adjustments can be made to ensure your dentures are as comfortable and functional as possible. Plan on returning to the office for yearly checkups on your dentures, but know that a set of dentures can last you up to 10 years if you take good care of them.

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Around 40 million of Americans have lost all their teeth. 

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Am I a good candidate for dentures?

If you are interested in dentures as an option to replace your missing teeth, the first step is to get a consultation from your dentist in Hoover. They’ll be able to examine your mouth and determine the state of your oral health, the health of your jaw and gums, and whether dentures are right for you. They can also help guide you on alternative treatments if there’s a better option available to you.

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How are dentures made?

Your dentist will create an impression of your teeth and gums, then send it to a laboratory to construct an acrylic model of your teeth. Once the dentures are made and received, your Hoover dentist will place them in your mouth and make adjustments so they fit properly and comfortably.

How long do dentures last?

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Dentures have an average lifespan of seven to 10 years. Since your mouth is constantly changing, your dentures will need adjustments from time to time to ensure they fit properly. We encourage annual checkups for your dentures to ensure they are in optimal condition.

Are dentures comfortable?

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Adjusting to dentures is different for everyone. Some may notice a slight discomfort when getting used to their new set, which is perfectly normal. Your dentist will ensure that your new dentures are well-fitted to your gums to avoid any potential slipping. Caring for your dentures will help prevent damage like bending or cracking — both which can cause unwanted discomfort.

How do dentures look?

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With cutting-edge technology and high-resolution images, your Hoover dentist will create a set of custom-crafted dentures that are designed to look as close to your natural smile as possible. All dentures are molded exactly to your jaw and gum line to ensure a comfortable, confident fit.

Will my insurance cover dentures?

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Most dental insurance plans cover at least a portion of the cost of dentures, but this all depends on your insurance coverage.  Contact your dental insurance provider to better understand your coverage and benefits.

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Not only can dentures restore your smile, they can make your appearance more youthful as well.

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